Print advertising is alive and well

Landmark Business Services will often recommend The Suburban Shopper to our clients when they are looking to improve visibility for their business.

When a client comes to us mainly for a web presence and we recommend print advertising they are a little surprised. After we show them the advantages of local print in the Suburban Shopper and the amount of targeted people they can reach they usually want to hear more.

Advertising is all about getting your message to the people most likely to purchase your product or service. What better way to do this than to run an ad in a publication that is delivered by the US mail to every home and business in town.

It is true people will grab their phone and google your business but in order to do that they must know you have a business. When we create a website and set about getting your business noticed on the internet we are competing with billions of websites already in existence. We have to first target the audience you are interested in and then target the area these potential customers live in. Once that’s done we have to get those same people to choose your website over your competitors. This takes time, especially if you are a new business. During that time we believe running in ad in a publication like the Suburban Shopper is the best way to spend your advertising dollars. We have seen it work for our business and our clients businesses. Check out their website at to see if they serve the towns where your business is located and then give thema call as they can explain it better than I can. I have only scratched the surface of whats available from them. Check it out and leave a comment if this works out for you.

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