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First Website 1995

Established in 1988 Landmark Business Services began as a small computer repair shop. As we grew into a full IT Solutions company our customers would rely on us for anything computer related. In 1995 a customer request started our journey into website development.

Like many at the time we thought a website was like a business card where customers could learn about your business. We quickly learned a working website does so much more than just look pretty and provide your address and phone number.

Today our corporate websites bring in millions of dollars for the companies that invested smartly in a marketing system that reaches almost everyone on the planet.

Our solutions

Website Audit

If you think your website needs improvement, you will probably have checked it in various tools and then we will run an audit.

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Website Design

Rather than loading endless code to recreate the front-end in the admin, we keep things lean and efficient which makes adding and editing content simple.

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Free Website Mockup

We use core WordPress code and minimize custom code (where possible) to make our sites future-proof and easy for other developers to understand.

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Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your site to rank in the search engines is not a project, it’s an ongoing process and it takes in every aspect of your site; from how fast it loads to the structure of your permalinks.

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eCommerce Setup and Design

Selling online can be a complex task. Every WooCommerce site we’ve built has its own unique requirements, and we know yours will too – we can help you with this complex WordPress plugin.

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Improve WordPress

If you are trying to promote your site in any way at all, making sure that it is properly optimized isn’t just important, it’s crucial.Marketing your website and winning hard-earned visitors only to have them bounce off your site due to a slow

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Local Search Engine Optimization

There’s little point in investing in SEO if your site is slow and poorly optimized from a technical perspective. Our SEO packages start with the fundamentals of good SEO – a fast website.

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Starter Website Package

Everything you need to get your business online and found during a Google search. We take care of the domain name, hosting, business email and we design a fast loading website that represents your brand, all for one low price.

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WordPress Maintenance Plans

Whether you have a simple blog, a brochure site or a mission-critical corporate site, our support packages take the hassle out of the technical side of managing a site.

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“The best website company we’ve worked with, not only because they were extremely in tune with what we wanted but because they put together a website for us that promoted our work in the most relevant way possible, witho9ut us needing to get involved in any lengthy or tiring process.”

Testimonial Image

Mark Allen

Construction Manager

“The guys did a fantastic job creating a new website for us. They were friendly and nothing was too much trouble. A fantastic service. We would highly recommend and we will continue to work with them.”

Testimonial Image

Anna Ferguson

Marketing Manager

Get valuable WordPress News in your Inbox

If you have a WordPress website you need to stay up to date on the changes and security updates to keep your site safe and secure. We’ll let you know when there is an important update or a security fix.

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