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Small Business IT Support

Discover small business IT solutions and services that drive growth by optimizing your IT spend, increasing revenue and innovating for the future.

Looking for an IT solution provider near you? We help businesses run smarter by delivering cutting-edge solutions that solve your toughest challenges. Our local presence positions us to serve you better, no matter where your business is located in Massachusetts we can get there fast.

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Why Do Small Businesses Need IT Services?

Focus on business goals

Each company has its own way of doing business that creates value for its customers. That is why more effort should be put into meeting organizational goals – not tackling technological problems. In smaller-scaled businesses, these tech problems slow down the whole process and severely hamper productivity

In many companies, IT departments maintain the flow of information throughout the organization and ensure data security. Due to this, it is doubly important to look into managed IT services for small businesses if you want to keep up with the rapid pace of change in today’s competitive market.



Managed IT Services


Solving Your Toughest Problems with Business IT Support

Reliable IT support

Run Right Over delivers custom managed IT solutions to businesses and organizations in Massachusetts while providing dependable customer service. As your local technology provider, we love helping people address their unique business challenges and concerns. That’s why we listen to your tech troubles and then implement a balance of functional, cost-effective, and best-in-class solutions to deliver a truly exceptional digital experience. Whether you’re looking to improve your collaboration and productivity or need help keeping your critical data secure, we’re here to solve your toughest IT problems.



IT Consulting

The technology you utilize in your business matters – now more than ever. Who in your organization knows the best security measures and data backups to put in place? Is there an expert on your team that can procure the right laptops, desktops, printers, monitors and servers to buy? Who has the time to advocate for your budget when purchasing from vendors? Who can plan out which industry-specific software or cloud solutions will best meet the needs of your team? Is anyone training your employees on what to click and what not to click?

You need to make decisions with the best ROI, that will boost productivity and efficiency within your company. The best people for that level of complex decision-making regarding technology in your business is a Managed Services Provider. At Run Right Over, our team of experts is trained in guiding you through comprehensive consulting with the aim at protecting and growing your business. We want to be your partners – personally invested in the success of your company. With decades of experience and service across all industries, the Run Right Over IT team offers exceptionally comprehensive consulting.


Set your technology on the path to success with the right IT Consulting

When you work with Run Right Over you will understand how invested our team is in serving your team. Our techs learn your work environment and then are able to guide you in all technology decisions, giving you peace of mind, so that you can focus on your business.

Here’s How Our Team Makes That Happen:
  • Review client’s strategic business objectives
  • Translate strategic objectives to desired business processes
  • Analyze current business processes and information flows
  • Improve the current information systems in support of the business processes
  • Determine the qualitative effectiveness and value of the current systems in meeting business requirements
  • Identify gaps in processes and/or application support
  • Provide recommendations for closing gaps
  • Always consider short term and long term budget parameters


Network Security and Data Backups

No business is too small to be targeted by a cyber attack. It is no longer a matter of if, but when your business will be attacked by cybercriminals. It can come by way of a malicious website, a phishing attack, compromised passwords, and employee error. To be prepared for the ever-evolving tactics of cyber criminals, you must have layers of security, employee security training procedures, good back-ups and an IT partner that monitors all of that for you.

Run Right Over has built a team of cyber-security experts. We are also part of peer groups of IT companies and security vendors on an international scale. We are always evaluating security and data-backup solutions from vendors that are following cutting-edge practices for businesses just like yours.


Network And Data Security Services Protect You

Whether you need to protect your client names, addresses, credit card information, you need to be HIPAA compliant or you have even more complex security needs, we have solutions to protect your data.

Run Right Over’s Network And Data Security Services Protect You From:
  • Viruses, trojans, and worms
  • Ransomware
  • Zero day attacks
  • Email spam
  • Phishing scams
  • Employee security errors
  • And much more

Our solutions

Managed IT Support

If you think your website needs improvement, you will probably have checked it in various tools and then we will run an audit.

more about managed IT

IT Consulting

Rather than loading endless code to recreate the front-end in the admin, we keep things lean and efficient which makes adding and editing content simple.

more about IT Consulting

Hardware Procurement

We use core WordPress code and minimize custom code (where possible) to make our sites future-proof and easy for other developers to understand.

more about hardware procurement

Network Security

Optimizing your site to rank in the search engines is not a project, it’s an ongoing process and it takes in every aspect of your site; from how fast it loads to the structure of your permalinks.

more about network services

Data Backup & Recovery

Selling online can be a complex task. Every WooCommerce site we’ve built has its own unique requirements, and we know yours will too – we can help you with this complex WordPress plugin.

more about data recovery

On Site PC Repair

If you are trying to promote your site in any way at all, making sure that it is properly optimized isn’t just important, it’s crucial.Marketing your website and winning hard-earned visitors only to have them bounce off your site due to a slow

more about onsite IT

Network Installation

There’s little point in investing in SEO if your site is slow and poorly optimized from a technical perspective. Our SEO packages start with the fundamentals of good SEO – a fast website.

more about network installations

CCTV Camera Installation

Everything you need to get your business online and found during a Google search. We take care of the domain name, hosting, business email and we design a fast loading website that represents your brand, all for one low price.

more about CCTV cameras

Network Maintenance

Whether you have a simple blog, a brochure site or a mission-critical corporate site, our support packages take the hassle out of the technical side of managing a site.

more about maintenance

“The best website company we’ve worked with, not only because they were extremely in tune with what we wanted but because they put together a website for us that promoted our work in the most relevant way possible, witho9ut us needing to get involved in any lengthy or tiring process.”

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Mark Allen

Construction Manager

“The guys did a fantastic job creating a new website for us. They were friendly and nothing was too much trouble. A fantastic service. We would highly recommend and we will continue to work with them.”

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Anna Ferguson

Marketing Manager

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